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SUNRAY 2018, from
16.07 to 25.07
Vevcani - Macedonia

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Because of increased interest about Sunray Folk seminar from the participants, we decided to treat you with Special DISCOUNT for dancing lessons.

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July 2016

   Sunray 2016 Folk Seminar Gallery. Check gallery.

January 2014

   Sunray Folk Seminar was in POLAND. Check gallery.

2013 Seminar photos are in gallery. Check them out.

You will be able to feel the folk dance on water, the music on the beautiful waves and listen to the sounds of the gajda, kaval, zirla and drum next to the Ohrid lake.

The last two days you will be able to spend in the magnificent hotel with 4 stars who is eye to eye with the Ohrid lake - the hotel “Biser“. Don't miss this once in a life time opportunity that is a combination of our beautiful Macedonian folklor, wonderful villages, the fresh air od the mountains and the lakes which can the your breath away.

You can be a part of this experience on the one and only SUNRAY folk seminar.





   Wonderful Experience Lots Of Dancing Singing Playing And Socializing With Ensembles From All Over Europa Swimming, Sunbathing And Relaxing In The Wonderful Amenities Offered By The Ohrid Lake. Let us learn a lot about the Macedonian folklore, let us enjoy and have fun! You can always do that at the seminar for Macedonian folklore – SunRay!
   Sun ray workshop is a meeting of participants from all around the world. Admirers of the Macedonian folklore will experience the culture, traditions and customs of Macedonia and the beauty of Macedonia.
   The workshop in July 2014 will be held in Vevcani – a small village, about 150 kilometres from the capital – Skopje. The houses there  have a specific architectural style which has been preserved during the years, and the whole atmosphere is authentic and brings you into the Macedonian past. There , the history of Macedonia can be felt and experienced.

Here is a list of the courses for SunRay 2014:

Musical Instruments
· gaida
· kaval
· dvojanka, supelka, duduk
· tamboura
· tapan
· tarabouka
· dajre
· klarinet
· zurla
· violina
· accordion (harmonika) - Macedonian music

Folklore dances
· traditional Macedonian folk dances

Folklore Singing
· Macedonian  folk singing

· Macedonian language
· Traditional Macedonian cooking

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SunRay - Maceonian Folk Seminar

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