Mahmut Muzafer

Mahmut Muzafer, based in Skopje, Macedonia, is the legend of national Roma zurla/zourna music and his reputation goes far beyond the Macedonian borders. Zourna & tapan music is the music traditionally performed (also) at Balkan weddings and other festivities to drive away evil ghosts. It has been always roots music and walked and developed upon its own path, not influenced by the trends in international or Roma pop music, mainly based on zourna player's talents to improvise. Mahmut comes from a long family tree of legendary zourna players. Also his father, grandfather and great-grandfather ranked among the top ones in the Balkans of their times. The early world music enthusiasts discovered Mahmut's music already in the seventies and since then he has been a regular mentor at Balkan workshops between Finland, Turkey and USA. Thirty years later he is still a class of his own, his virtuoso performances respected by other musicians and adored by world music audience interested in pure Roma Balkan improvisation.

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