Sasho Mitev

Sasho Mitev was born in Strumica in 1980, and he attended music primary and middle school in his native city. In 1995 he enrolled at the music high school in Skopje - Music Ballet School Center MBUC - "Ilija Nikolovski" – Luj. After high school, he continued his musical studies at the Music Academy in Skopje at the University "St. Cyril and Metodij" Department of Ethnomusicology under the guidance of Professor Dr. George M Gjorgjiev. In 2003 he graduated and defended, with high grades, his paper titled – Traditional instruments and instrumental practice of the Strumica - Berovo region.
Currently he is a graduate student at the Institute of Folklore "Marko Cepenkov" - Skopje and is researching the representation of traditional musical instruments and instrumental practices of the Radovish region (South East Macedonia).
During his studies, he was also employed as an adjunct fellow at the NU Choir of Ensemble TANEC as a vocal soloist, where recorded many songs from the folk repertoire.
From 2003 – 2006, he worked as a freelance contributor in KUD “Nikola Jonkov – Vapcarov”, as a teacher and director with Choir and Orchestra for Macedonian traditional songs and Dance.
From 2005 to 2007 he worked as a freelance vocalist alongside fellow choir members in the Macedonian Opera and Ballet, where he participated in all opera performances set in that period.
Since 2007 he has been employed as regular staff member of the Orchestra Ensemble Tanec NI as a Kavaldzhija (kaval player) - solo instrumentalist and as assistant manager of the orchestra and folk orchestra of the Tanec Ensemble, playing alongside the more traditional instruments such as gajda, kaval, tambura, and tapan. Throughout his career, Sasho Mitov has performed on many stages around the world and also has held several seminars on Macedonian traditional folk instruments and singing. In 2006 the performance of radical ethno drama, Macedonian Love Story, Sasho plays the main role, playing flute and singing original songs. He has recorded three CDs for music publishing house Mr. Company: Kaval and Tambura, Ezgija and CDs Serenade Band. Sasho is currently recording a new album with original Macedonian traditional dances and songs.

Concerts held outside of Macedonia :

- 1999 Sofia- Bulgarian
- 2000 Belgrade - Serbia
- 2002 Ljubljana - Slovenia
- 2003 Sidney, Melbourne - Australia
- 2004 Edrene, Istanbul - Turkey
- 2004 Zagreb - Croatia
- 2004 Athena - Greece
- 2004 Zurich - Switzerland
- 2005 Rome - Italy
- 2006 Mons - Belgium
- 2006 Moscow, St. Petersburg - Russia
- 2007 Wrotslav - Poland
- 2009 Toronto - Canada,
- 2009 New York, Chicago, Detroit - America
- 2009 Sarajevo - Bosnia and Herzegovina, Tirana – Albania
- 2010 Tour of Balkan countries - Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia
- 2011 Ankara, Kushadasi – Turkey
- 2011 Tallinn – Estonia
- 2011 Beijing – China


Seminars of traditional Macedonian instruments, songs and dances:

• Sezana, Komen, Slovenia 2001 the NGO Ethno Histrija
• Ohrid, Macedonia 2002 The NGO CMTB
• Vienna, Austria 2005 at the Institute of Folklore of Vienna
• Skopje, Macedonia 2005, 2006
• Dobrich, Bulgarian 2007 The Folklore without Borders Festival – Dobrich, First Prize in Flute Performance
• Bilbo, Spain 2007 Ethnomusicological papers:
• The Kemangeh tradition in the area of Kriva Palanka; Macedonian Music, No. 5, Special edition, 2006
• Musical response to urban vocal-instrumental practices in Strumica;
• Some musical characteristics gajda instrumental music in village Dedino, Radovish;

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