Balkanska Snezana

Started her path with the dance and the music since 1977 in the Ensemble Karpos. She participates there for only one year, and goes on in KUD Orce Nikolov, where she will become more introduced to the traditional Macedonian folk dance and song.  Very soon afterwards , she is evidently more talented than the others and starts performing the solo parts. Bearing in her heart an enormous love towards the dance and the song she leaves university in 1985 and goes at the audition for the State Ensemble Tanec, where she goes through all the three auditions and becomes employed there as a dancer-singer. After a very short period she is chosen to play most of the solo parts in the choreographies. Beside the solo career during the years, she also shows a great talent for dancing, especially for her technical performance of the steps, furthermore presenting them successfully on stage and on trainings, which brings her at the position of an assistant of the folk group.
In 1999 she meets Martin Inhs, a famous instructor for Macedonian and Albanian folklore from Holland, and from then on their cooperation begins and she becomes an instructor for Macedonian dances on seminars in Macedonia and Holland. She would study a lot from Martin in terms of the methodology of presenting the dances, and also for many other dances and steps, because Martin has been studying the Macedonian folklore for many years, and this collaboration continues up until today.
She has been also working in DKC Karpos as an instructor for 4 years tutoring children, where she says she enjoys while working this, because working with children is what makes her happy, satisfied and fullfilled with positive energy. For almost 6 years she leads KUD Grigor Prlicev, especially the seniors. She also cooperates with many ensembles on the correction of steps of certain dances and setting new choreographies.
During her working career, she has made the scene production of NEMOTO ORO (the numb dance) KLC, which was discovered by her in the books of the sisters Jankovik, and with the help of Velika Stojkova and the Labans’ alphabet she completes it. The KLC itself becomes part of Tanec’s repertoire. She also produces the scene production of the dance CHUVALENKI (a female custom dance from the western part of Macedonia, more precisely from the Macedonian muslims).
Her love towards the dance and the song make her go in many villages and cities throughout (in search and discoveries of new dances and songs in order to make new choreographies for new dances).
Currently, she takes part in the production of a new performance in the Macedonian theatre known under the name “2012- poslednite Makedonci, together with her colleague Ljupco Manevski.

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