The characteristics of the Macedonian dances lie in that they are danced in a circle or individually and move to the right. Every dance represents a whole and there are characteristics which distinguish the men’s, women’s and mixed dances.

The men’s dances have more jumps and higher quality in the dancing. They emphasize individuality in the communal singing and dancing. This is especially so in some of the characteristic dances such as: Teškoto, Grbac, Rusalii and Čifte Čamče which are danced calmly and with broad movements.

In contrast to the men’s dances, the women’s dances have a calmer pace expressing femininity, goodness, modesty, innocence, elegance and more contained physical strength.  The women are gifted to danced as a synchronized whole, treading with half the sole or rising up on the toes, especially in the dances: Nevestinsko, Žensko Čamče, Klcnoga and others.   

The characteristics of the mixed dances are that they are more vibrant, happy, full of song and much danced.

The dances are divided into those with single or multiple steps.
By the combination of the dancers they are divided into men’s, women’s and mixed .

According to the holds of the dancers, the dances are divided into those for the belt, the shoulder, the hands, those with the hands slightly bent at the elbows, those with dropped hands, with the hands let go and holding sticks.

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