Daily timetable of activities in the Seminar

08.00-09.00     Traditional Macedonian breakfast
09.00-10.30     Macedonian dancing - Aegean part of Macedonia
10.30-12.00     Macedonian dancing – Traditional Macedonian dances
12.00-13.00     Macedonian singing
13.00-14.00     Cooking classes
14.00-15.00     Lunch
16.00-17.00     Macedonian language classes
17.00-18.30     Balkan Dance( Serbia,Croatia,Pirin part of Macedonia)
18.30-20.00     Various activities

Day 1 - Vevcani waterfals sightseeing
Day 2 - Sightseeing and presentation of the rolling mill and the mill of Vevcani
Day 3 - Show of traditional costumes with Jone Eftimovski the biggest collector of traditional costumes
Day 4 - Participation on a traditional wedding in Vevcani
Day 5 - Observing the church and traditional customs and participation on the home wedding
Day 6 - Picnic
and few other surprises


Courses are held by leading dancers from the Macedonian National Ensemble "Tanec" : Ljupčo Manevski and Snežana Balkanska

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