Vevchani’s houses are in the authentic old Macedonian style. Accomodation is in one of the best hotels in Vevcani build and maintainet in authentic style. More on Kutmichevica official Facebook page...

A large part of the population still dresses in the village costumes.

Vevchani’s restaurants and cafés are in the old Macedonian style and offer the chance to taste otherwise forgotten village specialities.

From the joining of wood and stone, from the traditional Macedonian artefacts and the old fireplace you will feel the warmth and hospitality of Macedonia and the Macedonians

Vevchani is a village of the pechalba (the tradition of travelling abroad for work) and the majority of the men went on the pechalba via the Holy Stone.

One of the most widely-known masked carnivals in the Balkans and Europe – the Vevchani Carneval is held there.

More about Vevcani read on official web site.

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