What the Seminar offers the participants!

  1. Classes in folk dances – in a room with a wooden floor.
  2. Classes in singing together with the singers from the village in a typical village atmosphere on the balconies.
  3. A chance to get to know the everyday life of the people in the village.
  4. A chance to see or learn customs and rituals which are practiced in the village up until this very day.
  5. Two days of presentations in the village watermills. See how the flour is milled!
  6. Two days of presentations cleaning the rugs, floor and bed coverings and other fabrics in the so-called “Valavnici” in the old Macedonian style.

  1. Following a Vevčani wedding!
    The weddings are still held in houses around the village and last several days. Most of the wedding guests dress in the beautiful traditional Vevčani’s costumes. All the customs and rituals from this part of Macedonia are performed.
  2. A concert by the Drimkol folklore ensemble with a special programme from their home area.
  3. The chance to see a concert in Ohrid of the most famous festival in Macedonia and the Balkans the Ohridsko Leto(Ohrid Summer Festival).
    With the accompaniment of songs, the female participants in the Seminar have the chance to go with the traditional water jugs to the springs before the classes and collect the water for the classes!
  5. New! New! New! Every night they will be entertained by the orchestra on traditional instruments and special surprise zurlas and drums.
And many other surprises!

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